Trimming Your Trees and Shrubs

Most homeowners, even the ones who are avid gardeners, tend to ignore their trees and shrubs until there is a problem.  Trimming your trees and shrubs is part of garden maintenance, and it helps to keep your plants healthy.  When you trim your trees regularly, you can shape them, and it helps to keep away diseases that can harm your trees.

Trimming your trees not only makes them look good and maintains their health, but it will also keep away the dead branches.  If you have fruit trees on your property, then trimming can help them develop and give you a better yield.  Trimming your trees can help keep the branches from getting too long and interfering with things like power lines on yours or your neighbor’s property. When you don’t prune the trees branches can break, and infection can happen.

If you aren’t comfortable trimming the trees yourself or they are too big for you to handle, then you may want to bring an arborist to give you a hand.

When to Trim Your Trees

When you trim your trees will depend on the species of trees you may have to check with an expert on the species of trees and how to look after them but here are a few rules of thumb

  1. Some species of trees need to be pruned in the spring; this helps plants to grow quickly throughout the growing season; this includes most fruit trees.
  2. Some trees are better pruned in wintertime although be careful or you can end up killing your trees, these types of trees include evergreen trees along with oak and maple.
  3. Ask an arborist which branches should be pruned to maintain the thickness of the trees. You don’t want trees that have too many branches on one side while not enough on the other.
  4. Make sure to trim back trees that are too near power lines or your home

Broken and Damaged Trees

Broken and damaged trees should be removed right away before they start to infect other trees or get knocked over during a storm and damage your property.  There is a method of cutting down trees and pros know how to do it with minimal impact on the rest of your garden.  If you have sick trees, then you might consider calling in a tree surgeon first to see if you can save it.

Trees are an essential part of your garden, don’t neglect them.

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