Problems with Soil and How to Fix Them

The lifeblood of any garden is the soil but not every backyard comes with great soil.  In fact, you will probably have to work with your soil to get optimal conditions for growing your plants and flowers.  The soil has to have the right pH levels to allow your plants to grow and stay healthy.  Here are some of the more common problems with soil and how to fix them so you have a healthy beautiful garden.

Compacted Soil

Compacted soil can happen for a bunch of reasons but most commonly is because of pressure.  Compacted soil is a problem because it stops water from getting to the roots of your plants, and plant roots need water to live. In addition, any knowledgeable lawn care company will tell you that if you’re seeing a lot of weeds in your lawn that’s because weeds enjoy poorly drained, compacted soils. To get rid of the compacted soil you can first try aerating the soil more often to help loosen it.  However, if that doesn’t work it is going to be time to dig.  Ripping up the soil and replacing with healthy topsoil will allow your plants to grow.  But if your soil became compacted because of constant foot traffic you will also have to do something about that.


Too much clay in your soil presents the same problem as compacted soil it prevents water from getting to the roots of your plants.  Again your plants aren’t getting enough water and that’s a problem.  Clay soil is a much harder problem to fix and it can take years.  You effectively have to create new topsoil for your plants to grow.  Take off the top six inches of clay and then you are going to want to fill the area in with compost.  That will help to create topsoil and then you can plant on top of that.

Hard Soil

Hard soil can be very difficult to work with if you can’t dig into the soil it makes it almost impossible to plant anything.  It is also very hard for roots to take hold.  The soil may be hard because it is extremely dry and you may have to irrigate the soil.  This can take time and effort to make the soil good enough to start planting.

Too Many Rocks

You can work with rocky soil although it is anything but easy.  Rocky soil is okay for shrubs or trees but if you want to plants flowers or vegetables then you need to try something else.  One option is to add topsoil to your garden and you will have to make sure there are at least six inches of topsoil.  If that isn’t an option then you may want to use raised beds instead.

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