Organic Gardening

With more and more people becoming aware of the chemicals in our food and the impact on the environment it is not surprising to see a shift towards organic gardening.  Whether you are new to gardening or you already have a green thumb it’s always good to connect with other organic gardeners to share tips.  The idea behind organic gardening is to grow your plants naturally with no chemical fertilizers. 

Getting the Basics Right

Organic gardening is growing your plants without the use of chemical fertilizers or pesticides but that doesn’t mean that your garden has to be overgrown with critters looking to feast on your budding plants.  There are natural methods you can use to keep bugs and animals away from your garden.  Compost is key to having rich soil and most organic gardeners make their own or buy organic compost from a garden supply store.  When it comes to planting seeds you are going to need seeds that are certified organic and not genetically modified.  Organic gardening doesn’t need to take up your entire backyard either it is the method that is more important than the size of your garden.  You can have a couple of pots growing herbs on a windowsill or an entire orchard of fruit trees.

Why Choose Organic

Most people opt for organic gardening because of the impact on the environment.  In addition, they don’t want harsh chemicals on their food or around their families.  If you are growing vegetables in your garden then you can feel comfortable knowing they weren’t treated with toxic chemicals or genetically modified.  There are also countless studies done showing that both the taste and nutrient content of organically grown produce is better, but that is something that you will have to taste for yourself.

Making Your Garden Grow

Your organic garden is a project and every project needs a plan.  You will need to decide what you plan to grow, what kind of soil to use and where everything is going to grow.  Don’t let the amount of space you have hinder what you want to plant, whether you want flowers or vegetables you can get creative with the space you have.  You can create a vertical garden or use raised beds.  You will also need to understand which plants grow best in which season and which plants should be planted together.

Organic gardening can be a bit more work than traditional gardening, but it is well worth it in the end.  Start small with a couple of plants and pretty soon you will see why so many gardeners choose organic gardening.

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