Making Your Own Compost

If you want rich and healthy soil to grow your plants, flowers and vegetables then you are going to need to add compost.  Compost is a mix of decayed plant material that is full of all kinds of nutrients that your plants need.  You can buy compost at your local garden center but that can be kind of pricey.  Making your own compost is easier than you think and it keeps your food waste out of landfills too.  Here is how to make your own compost.

Getting a Compost Bin

If you want to make your own compost then you are going to need a compost bin.  There are a couple of different types you can buy but ideally you want one that is simple to operate and durable, you don’t want to have to clean up after a broken compost bin!  Find a corner of your yard where you can set it up where it won’t get in the way.  Here is a look at the different types of compost bins and how they work.

Adding the Ingredients

Once you have your bin in the right spot in your yard now it is time to start adding the ingredients you will need to make rich compost.  The first thing you need to put in is some soil from your garden.  Soil has worms and the right types of bacteria to break down the plant matter that you will add to it later.  The next thing you want to throw in is some plant material from your garden start with some grass clippings from when you mowed and follow it up with some leaves.

Letting it Decompose

Your composter should be placed in the sun where it can get warm, this will help speed along the process and help your plants to decay faster.  Once you have the perfect mixture of your ingredients along with heat you will end up with some nutrient rich compost.  You can put waste from your kitchen into your composter but not everything can go in.  Only add plant materials, so left over vegetables or fruit works fine.  Coffee grounds or tea grounds are also great for your compost and egg shells and some much needed calcium to the soil.  Never ever add meat.

Don’t let your compost dry out and you should rotate it fairly regularly to keep it healthy.  Also your composter shouldn’t actually smell bad, if it does then something is wrong.  It make take a couple of tries to get great compost but it will be worth it in the end.

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